Thanksgiving 2011 Membership Promotion

by Find Notary Public 21. November 2011 15:54

Search Agent Fred is thrilled to announce our latest Promotional Offer!

Receive 25% off your renewal OR new membership!

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Find Notary Public Learning Center

by Find Notary Public 3. October 2011 15:45


Fall 2011 Membership Incentive!

by Find Notary Public 12. September 2011 09:39


Announcing our  Fall 2011 Membership Incentive.

Receive $20 off on your annual membership -  $59 per year instead of $79 per year!  


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Or simply login to your profile, click the Renew Membership button and apply the coupon code.

This offer is valid until October 31 , 2011 11:59:59 pm EST.

(Not so) Fine Print: There are no specific conditions or restrictions with this offer. If you join, you get $20 off. If you renew, you get $20 off. It's simple. Why complicate matters?


Member Social Profiles are Enabled

by Find Notary Public 25. August 2011 09:45

We are excited to announce that we have enabled every member's account for Social Media. Each profile has areas where you can plug in links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

See screenshot below:

Once you add your profile links, folks that find your profile on the FNP website will be able to 1-click into your Social Profiles as demonstrated by the following screenshot:


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Summer Membership Offer

by Find Notary Public 10. August 2011 09:01

We are pleased to extend our membership special through the summer months.

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Get $20 off your annual membership dues. 

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Independence Day Offer Extended!

by Find Notary Public 26. July 2011 15:32

$20 off annual membership extended due to popular demand!

Read all about it on the Search HQ blog.


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Find Notary Public - Refreshed and Relaunched

by Find Notary Public 25. July 2011 08:38

This short video will take you through the top 7 benefits of joining Find Notary Public!


The Notary Business and Social Media

by Find Notary Public 18. July 2011 06:35

Almost everyone will need to utilize the services of a notary public at some point of their lives. If you're a notary public, your name will be listed with scores of others in the yellow pages, or you may place a small advertisement in your local newspaper. Why not stand heads and shoulders above the crowd by utilizing social media?

Social media is everywhere these days, and it's an often free or inexpensive means to convey your message to many people on a variety of technological platforms. Start out by creating a professional LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a large network that allows professionals to exhibit their skills and experience. You can do this as a Notary and inform people about where you offer your services. Are you a notary public that can travel to meet your clients? Are your fees smaller than others in your area? Find what sets you apart and include it in your profile.

Next, make a business listing Facebook page. Facebook has some cutting edge applications and pages where you can offer special deals and promotions and inform your friends about news from the notary world. Include your notary public logo if you have one, directions to your office and any photos you think might be of interest that relate to the notary world.

A lot of people might not understand exactly what notaries do or what forms need to be notarized, and the more you educate the public, the more business you will generate! Social media is a great place to do just that!


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What does it mean to Notarize a document?

by Find Notary Public 12. July 2011 13:31

In this increasingly paperless world, a world of online authorizations and e-signatures, you may wonder what it even means these days to notarize a document.

To notarize a document is to solidify its content and value in such a manner that it becomes an official document. Notarized documents often enter into court proceedings, as their validity is so absolute.

So what does it all mean?

It starts with a Notary Public, a citizen appointed by the state government to witness and authorize signatures on important documents. This third party has no interest in the transaction other than to serve as an impartial witness. This process was instituted to deter dishonesty and fraud.

So when a document is notarized, those signing it must present identification. Some acceptable forms are drivers' licenses, passports or military IDs.

Once the signers are verified and they've signed under the notary's watchful eye, the notary will then notarize the document by completing the notary information and affixing their stamp or seal to the document.

Notarized documents are required in a variety of settings, such as marriage licenses, any paperwork pertaining to lawsuits or damage settlements, and in deed transfers such as during a home purchase or automobile lease. Notarized documents are everywhere, and that is what it means to have one!


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How to become a Notary

by Find Notary Public 5. July 2011 11:33

A notary public is an asset to any community. This person witnesses the signatures on many different important documents, verifying that the information is complete and that the person did sign the paperwork.This is an important job and a notary public must be an upstanding citizen of the highest integrity.

So how do you become a notary public?

First, you must meet a few simple requirements. You must be 18 years of age or older and be an official resident of the state you wish to becoming a notary public in. You also must have never committed a felony in order to become a notary.

Next, you need to obtain an application for a notary commission from your state. Then, you must complete the form and pay a filing fee. Fees vary by state. In some states, you must also be fingerprinted.

Then, you must attend a workshop or course for notaries to learn the law of notarization. Once you've completed the course, send the application off to your state of residence. You may also  be required to take a test to ensure you have learned the proper skills.

Finally, you will take an oath of office and, after final paperwork is filed, you are a notary!

You can now authorize documents, witness signings and, in some states, even perform civil marriages. All that is left is to purchase your official notary seal so you can notarize documents and set up shop.


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